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Black Shamballa Swarovski Bracelet

-38% Black Shamballa Swarovski Bracelet

Bracelet with Swarovski shamballa elements

Color: Black

Ball dimensions: 10mm

Shambala - Summer Love Bracelet "Summer Love" is a delightful jewel, made of a braided string, adorned with wonderful Swarovski crystals , whose play of lights cheers you up on the date! All celebrities wear Shambala , because it is known to have a magical power! The mundane world is convinced that if you wear this bracelet, bad thoughts will avoid you, you will improve and strengthen your relationship with close people and you will have the power to achieve your goals! Finished, sparkling, summer and very cute - Shambala - "Summer Love" summer bracelet will beautify your glove!

Rhodium plated jewelry with white gold.

Jewelry Swarovski Crystals Kelan Collection

Kelan Swarovski bracelet jewelry

So marketed this season: Shamball bracelets - actually have a spiritual significance,
being created for the first time by Buddhists. In my opinion, what the market now calls Shamballa bracelets ,
it is just a kitsch, a pseudo art, a current from which traders do not hesitate to make money ...
In the end, everyone chooses what they want. And if the choice stops at these bracelets, it's good to know
however, where they come from and how they behave.
Shamballa bracelets , despite the commercial character they have begun to adopt, have a whole history based
on spirituality and inner peace.
Shamballa has a deep significance in the traditions of Tibetan and Indian Buddhists, this being a mythical kingdom
hidden somewhere in Asia, beyond the Himalayas. In time, it came to be associated with the holy land of the Buddhists,
at the border between reality and myth. This legend also reached the west, influencing the part of the world that belongs to others
religions other than Buddhism. It has developed as a general culture, attracting more and more curious people. In the West,
Shamballa is a metaphor for the spiritual path that some can follow, leading to enlightenment, peace,
peace and understanding.
Over time, the West has been so drawn to this philosophy that it has been an inspiration for art,
literature, jewelry. In 1994, the company founded by Mads Kornerup opened a store in Paris called
He started selling Buddhist-inspired jewelry , and in 2011, as the store moved to Copenhagen, it became
known from the sale of bracelets we now know as Shamballa. The original bracelets , made by Buddhists, were
made of hemp cord and wooden beads, sometimes sandalwood. We can't talk about Shamballa bracelets
true or false.
The Shamballa concept comes from antiquity, and the bracelet we know today is a Western adaptation of
Asian culture.
Others may interpret the sahmablla bracelets as lessons in spiritual healing, happiness, enlightenment. For each, Shamballa crystal bracelets have
a unique and special meaning. People wear them depending on how they feel at that moment.
Great importance is also given to the colors of the beads. Colors have the ability to make you feel different in
depending on how you choose to wear them, the wardrobe of the day, the event you will take part in or simply
you simply choose them according to your mental state.

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